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Who is Marty?
Marty’s expertise is in teaching people how to lose weight.
His experience has been gained from 32 years in the health and fitness industry not only as a trainer and coach, but also as an active participant.
From this experience, over time, with the real-life feedback from thousands of clients Marty has developed what is now the most efficient and healthy way to lose weight.

Quick History

  • 1987 Built and operated Kaitaia Indoor Sports Centre (Indoor Cricket, netball, Volleyball)
  • 1992 Opened first Marty’s Gym
  • 1993 Triathlete (Olympic distance competitor)
  • 1996 NZ Ironman (3rd in NZ Ironman vet section)
  • 1997 Powerlifting (3rd in NZ Bench press champs in Hamilton)
  • 1999 Opened another Marty’s Gym in Te Awamutu
  • 2000 Body Building (3rd in NZ Nationals in Wellington)
  • 2003 Started Vibration Training Studio at Marty’s Gym (Body Buzz)
  • 2006 Sold Marty’s Gym and opened a Body Buzz in Kaitaia
  • 2009 Opened Body Buzz Te Awamutu
  • 2017 Opened Body Buzz Hamilton
  • 2019 opened larger Body Buzz in Te Awamutu which now includes Wendy Eyre Medical Herbalist

How was Body Buzz invented?

In 1988 Gyms were still mostly used by men but women were quickly catching on to the idea that weight training you could get in better shape than aerobics. Weight training got you leaner and more toned. It wasn’t long before half of my gym members were women. Ten years later the gym was 60 % women. Gym equipment quickly changed to suit. When the first assisted chin up machine was introduced women lined up for it. The problem is not everyone wants to use a gym. Reasons range from being too self-conscious, too busy, don’t like exercise, injured, don’t like mirrors, body builders, loud music. The list goes on. There were also the 4 big problems with weight training that needed to be overcome (see below).

That’s when I heard about Vibra-Train. A vibration studio opened by Lloyd Shaw in Auckland. I decided to test my own version of Vibration Training utilising the Fit-x machines with pre-set programs for ease of use. In 2003 I made a room in the gym especially for Body Buzz. Results from the few that joined showed better results than the gym goers which was a surprise to me. I didn’t expect something so easy and quick to deliver such good results. When I advertised for more members however, I got turned down many times because they didn’t want to have to walk through the gym. They were too self-conscious. That’s when I realised there was a whole market of people out there that will never go to the gym. 

Body Buzz is the gym alternative.

The 4 problems with Weight Training at the Gym

Weight training needs to be done with good technic or you will get injured. Unfortunately, even today I see bad exercise form and even worse people doing what I call “stupid exercises” such as behind the head pull downs.

When people first join the gym, they are inspired and find time for their training. It isn’t long before they get tired from the longer and harder workouts and then can’t find the time any more. Hard work and sore muscles make it hard to go back time and time again. 

Gyms require large areas for a lot of expensive equipment. Monthly rental is higher than the staff wages. Knowing that half of the new members are going to want to pull out after 3 weeks the gym will push for yearly contracts to be signed. That way they will have an income to tide them over while you get over it and come back next year for another go.

Initial results don’t last
One of the reasons gym retention is so low is because the initial weight loss results diminish quickly. Spending an hour at the gym, training hard, getting sore and then not getting results and sometimes even getting heavier is disheartening and confusing. The reasons for this are explained in my YouTube videos. (Resources tab on Body Buzz website) But the short version is: Exercise makes you hungry. Even though you might not be aware of it, you will eat more to compensate for extra energy expended. Generally, you will crave high calorie carbohydrates, and you will gain weight.

Problems solved at Body Buzz

No injury
People don’t get injured at Body Buzz. On the contrary the machines are used to rehabilitate people with injuries. Arthritis sufferers use Body Buzz for pain loss.

Less Time
Even though there is no time limit at Body Buzz, most people do the 12-minute whole body workout. They train in their everyday clothing and no after workout shower is required which saves even more time.

No Contracts
The only equipment at Body Buzz studios are the Vibration training machines. Over heads are low. Membership contracts are not required. You can stop or start at no cost with an email.

Better results than the gym
There is no waiting for equipment at Body Buzz. Choose your favourite machine for your workout (they are all identical) After your workout you will feel invigorated rather than wasted. You won’t be over trained, you won’t get sore muscles and you won’t be craving food and gaining weight. Nutrition plans and result checks for motivation are part of the system.

Why Body Buzz machines work better
First let me distinguish the difference between the $12,000 vertical displacement Vibration Machines at Body Buzz and the relatively cheap elliptical Vibration machines sold for home use. The early studies done by NASA used vertical displacement (vibration) at 30-40 Hertz (contractions per second) The home elliptical machines (wobble boards) can’t reach the required hertz so it is doubtful you would get results using those machines.

When you use a proper Vibration machine you do not wobble.

Every vibration causes a fast twitch muscle contraction. Fast twitch muscle fibres are your red strength fibres. The same ones you use in weight training. Holding a pose for 30 seconds at 40 hertz will cause your muscles to contract 1,200 times. At Body Buzz you get stronger without lifting heavy weights. Stronger muscles burn more energy all day and all night. Combine that with the Body Buzz nutrition plan and you will get fast results.