What causes food cravings?

First you need to understand that when you crave a specific food you are addicted. It is no different than being addicted to cigarettes. To understand how to eliminate food cravings you need some background information. One of the best ways to get people to rebuy a product is to make it sweeter. Anything sweet (including artificial sweeteners) stimulates the pleasure center of your brain. You get a “hit”. The next day you will be looking for another “hit”. You are now getting addicted. So, what is the answer? All you need to do is stop eating sweet stuff for 1-3 days and the addiction is gone. It is quite simple really. But it is extremely hard to make the decision to quit because you are an addict.
Junk Food
I have found that the biggest cause of food cravings is eating junk food. When I do a nutrition plan, I ask people to go “cold turkey” on the foods that they crave. The usual response next time I see them is “I can’t believe it? The craving went away after the first day. I haven’t had a craving the whole time!” The addiction does go quickly but it only takes one bite to get readdicted.
Artificial Sweeteners
One of the mistakes people make is finding artificially sweetened substitutes. Artificial sweeteners are foreign to your body and toxic substances like that stop you losing weight. The other problem with artificial sweeteners is you pay big money for a product that keeps you addicted to sweet things. Not to mention the impact on your health. The only winner is the junk food manufacturer. And do not be fooled by “health bars” either. They are quite often more processed and artificial than the junk bars.
Other Reasons
Other reasons for eating junk food are, snacking in case you get hungry (caused by a fear of getting hungry). Eating to kill time because you are bored. Eating to put off a job you do not want to do (
procrastinating) Unconsciously wanting to put on weight to distance yourself from another person whom you cannot physically avoid.

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