Video #1 The Cardio Lie

Easy Weight Loss Doesn't have to be Painful

Starving yourself and exercising more apparently results in quick weight loss. But this Cardio Lie will get you nowhere. Certain types of exercise will make you hungry. So if you're supposed to eat less while wanting to make the most of the best gym membership deals Hamilton offers, you're in for a disappointment. How long can your body handle this? Not very long. But don't worry, it's not a matter of lack of willpower...

How to Lose Weight Effectively and Quickly

The truth is, you've simply been misinformed. Need the fastest way to lose weight? Body Buzz is the perfect solution. Vibration exercises can be done several minutes a day without breaking a sweat and making you hungry. Gain more energy and confidence while you drop weight quickly. Watch this video and learn why vibration training is better than any cardio and diet program to lose weight.