The Figure Woman Hate Most

I have defined 3 basic figure categories for woman.
It can be exactly one of these 3 figures or a combination of them.

  1. Trim legs and tummy tyre

When you gain weight all the body fat seems to accumulate around your waist, but your legs stay toned and look great no matter how much extra weight you put on. I add a waist measurement called “the bulge”. It’s very motivating for clients when they see the bulge decrease over the weeks. This is the figure woman hate the most because it restricts them to a style of clothing that hides the waist.

  1. Small waist, big hips & thighs.

With this figure extra weight doesn’t seem to affect the waist and upper body so much. But the hips and thighs can get way out of proportion. This can be annoying as clothes size for tops can be normal, but a larger size is needed for pants. To counter the figure imbalance the style of clothing is also restricted. For this type of figure, I also add a hip measurement so that clients have proof that their hips are shrinking. But most times people already know they are losing size because they notice their pants getting lose.

  1. The lucky figure.

Some women are just lucky. The upper body and lower body proportions are in balance and any extra weight seems to evenly distribute over the arms, chest, waist, hips, and thighs. With this figure some ladies can be very overweight but still look great. I think “Curvy” is the term.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t matter which type you are. Everyone looks better when they lose weight, and my job is to support you in that quest.

Marty’s expertise is in teaching people how to lose weight and get healthy. From his 32 years of experience, with real life feedback from thousands of clients he has developed an efficient and healthy system to lose weight. He can be contacted at Body Buzz.