Lost 40 kg - 10 kg to go

Shona Lanyon-201123“When I decided to lose weight, I was close to 130 kg which is quite a lot when you consider I’m only 5 feet tall. I had lost 20 kg by myself, but I had hit a plateau. Also, it was hard to exercise because the gout made my joints hurt. One-day Mum brought home a copy of the Seasons Magazine and in it I saw an advertisement for weight loss at the new Vibration Training Studio called Body Buzz. I booked a free consultation. The vibration machines felt good on my joints, so I joined. I learned a lot about how to lose weight and get healthy at Body Buzz. 

Rose lost 46kg the Body Buzz way

rose (1)

“Everyone has a bad photo that they don’t want anyone else to see. The photo above on the left was taken in Christchurch. I had just bought a new top and I felt pretty cool in it because I was still blind to the fact that I was a big person. I remember my niece saying how big I looked in comparison to my other sisters so when I was back in Te Awamutu I took a good look at the photos. That’s when I first realised I was overweight. I walked into Body Buzz and joined. I didn’t really believe I could lose weight but the machines made me feel good so if I lost some weight.   Read more...

Max Lost 19 kg in 10 weeks

Max McBeth Photo-89
Back and neck pain gone
Max feels like a teenager again

I had a mate who was overweight with a bad knee who couldn’t exercise. So, he decided to try Body Buzz instead, and it worked for him. Even then I was still a bit sceptical, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway. I was always stiff and sore when I got out of bed and I would go to a chiropractor once a month to get relief, but it never lasted long. Once you get in your 50’s you start to think that all that stiffness and pain is because you are getting old but now I see it doesn’t have to be that way. After using the machines at Body Buzz and improving my nutrition, my stiff neck and whole body freed up. I was painless again, just like a teenager. I can’t believe it really!
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Mike lost 15 kg in 12 weeks and clears up lifelong skin problem

Mike Brears Photo-188I needed to lose weight but with my work the gym doesn’t really suit as I simply don’t have the time. I had also tried different diets to lose weight but that didn’t work either. I thought Body Buzz might be a quick and easy way to get results so I gave it a go.
Even though I didn’t get into Body Buzz as often as I had planned, I still lost 15 kg in 12 weeks which proved what Marty said about eating correctly. I was really surprised the weight came of so fast.
I have struggled all my life with a skin problem called Rosacea.
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John Slims his waist and gets rid of brain fog

SAM 0663-839I was starting to get a bit of a spare tyre around the waist which is typical of men when they get into their late 40’s. I was doing a lot of walking but every so often I would have to loosen another notch in the belt. My job keeps me busy and I felt I needed something extra that didn’t take up too much time. A friend suggested I should try Body Buzz. I was astounded by the results. 

Diabetes gone and 29 kg lighter

Dean Williams Photo - CopyI was 112 kg when I got Diagnosed with Diabetes. I was trying to lose weight but even though I was getting regular exercise with my lawn mowing business, the weight was still not coming off. As you get older you’ve got to look at other options for exercise as the body can’t handle the knocks like it used to. One day I decided to drop in to Body Buzz to see what else I could do for weight loss
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Diabetes Gone.
Lost 18 kg in 21 weeks.

Steve Greenwood Photo-339I had been diabetic for a long time. I used to check my blood sugar levels after every meal and then work out how much insulin I needed for the injection. I had been to Marty at Body Buzz a few years before and got good results but circumstances in my life got me off track and soon I went back to my old habits. My health got worse and eventually I had to give up strength training because my blood sugar levels would go sky high when I worked out. My health continued to deteriorate... Read more....


Kathy lost 12 kg in 13 weeks at Body Buzz

kathy1Being overweight has always been a constant struggle for me. I put weight on when I quit smoking. I also had an under active thyroid which made it hard to lose weight. I’ve done Sure Slim, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. I’ve been to the pool and I’ve been to the gym but Body Buzz is the only thing that has
worked for me. It’s brilliant and it’s so simple, you just stand on it, sit on it or lay on it. The only effort is getting your-self here.

As far as food goes you just do your ordinary meals you do at home. You don’t have to buy anything extra really except for maybe some Coconut oil or Olive oil. It’s a bit of a lifestyle change but it’s not an expensive one.  Read more...

Colin lost 23 kg


Before I came to Body buzz I had already been trying to lose weight. I went on a diet but when I stopped starving myself I piled the weight back on again. Then I tried walking but I continued to put weight on and because I’m 73 I was also worried about wearing my joints out. One day I was walking passed Body Buzz so I popped in to ask them how it worked.

They gave me a free consultation. It made me feel good and I could see it would be good for my joints and circulation so even though I was sceptical about losing weight I decided to give it a go. Read more...

Jacob Carey lost 23 kg at Body Buzz


My goal was to lose body fat so I decided to join a gym. The idea was to do some weight training and run on the treadmill while eating 6 small meals a day, but that didn’t work for me. I found I was gaining weight and also getting a bigger tummy.

I read about Body Buzz in the Te Awamutu Courier so I thought I would give that a go instead. I knew I was overweight but I didn’t realise I was 101 kg until I stepped onto the scales during my free consultation. My waist measurement of 105 cm was fast catching up to my chest measurement.   Read more...

Bill Lost 30 kg

Bill Emery Photo (3)-573I had an accident in the army in 1979 which badly damaged my leg. The surgeons fixed it up the best they could but after that my leg would swell up. I have had to wear circulation stockings which are really tight and hot and uncomfortable. Until now they were the only option I had to get the swelling down. A lady told me I should try Body Buzz because she reckoned it would be good for my poor circulation. I got an appointment to see Marty and he gave me a free go on the machine. That night I noticed the circulation and swelling was already improved so I joined Body Buzz. 
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Cancer Survivor gets Health and Weight Loss

Ria Rengelink-120-311-617Ria Rengelich photos (2)-427-722I joined Body Buzz because my joints were very stiff and sore. I had read that Body Buzz was good for circulation and lymphatic draining. I had also heard it gets rid of water retention and is good for weight loss. I had tried to loose weight before but could not get under 85 kg so if I lost weight then that would be a bonus. I booked a free consultation and Marty showed me the beginner program which only took 12 minutes.
It felt really good as though my body could not get enough of it. That night I could feel the effects of the vibration training. It was a good to be able to sleep without pain and also be able to get out of bed in the morning without being so stiff.
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Scott Philips lost 37 kilograms in 17 weeks at Body Buzz


“Before discovering Body Buzz I had lost weight by doing lots of exercise. I would go to the gym and train for 2 hours in the morning and another 2 hours in the evening. When I stopped exercising I would put all the weight back on again. In the contracting business when the weather is good we work long hours so finding an extra 4 hours a day for exercising is not realistic”

“I heard about the results at Body Buzz so I decided to give it a go. I could feel the effects of the vibration training on my muscles after the first 12 minute workout.  Read more...

Donna and Taffy lost a total of 27kg

coupleDonna - Waist shrunk 12 cm in 14 weeks

“We have 3 young children and they all play a sport which means we are the taxi service to their practice evenings and weekend games. With both of us working full time I found it very tiring and I had to cut my hours down. We joined Body Buzz to lose weight but the bonus is we now have the energy to take our kids places and watch them play. I lost almost 12 kg in 14 weeks and my waist shrunk by 12 cm.”  Read more...

Weight Loss Success at Last

wayneWayne had to lose weight for his operation but no diet seemed to work

“I used to be a shearer but when I retired I put on weight. Eventually I got so overweight I had trouble walking and I ended up getting a mobility scooter. Then I needed surgery but I had to lose a certain amount of weight before they would operate on me.

Rose lost 37kg the Body Buzz way

rose 2

“I have been overweight and depressed most of my life. I tried to lose weight a couple of times but in the end I just accepted that being overweight was my lot in life. I would see the Body Buzz weight loss stories in the Te Awamutu courier but I was very sceptical. I used to think “Yeah right” it might work for those people but it won’t work for me. I decided to have a free consultation at Body Buzz because I had heard that the vibration machines made you feel good. Sure enough after my very first workout...

Tony and Rebekah lost a total of 37kg

My waist shrunk 14cms - Rebekah

My waist shrunk 14 cm - Rebekah. “I had been slowly putting on weight over the last 10 years. I knew that the more weight I put on the higher the risk of health problems later in life and it just got to the point where I thought 'enough is enough' It’s time to bite the bullet and do something about it.” “I’m not a person who just jumps right in.
I like to do some research first. I had heard about Body Buzz from friends and I was watching what was happening with them.  Read more...

Brad lost 24kgs at Body Buzz


“My wife talked me into going to Body Buzz because she said it would fix my sore knee. I said I would try it strictly for 2 weeks, then if it didn’t work, I could say “it doesn’t work” but after 2 weeks I could straighten my knee fully & there was no pain. I also lost 7 kilograms in the first 14 days so I couldn’t say that it didn’t work”
“I thought I was a bit overweight but I wasn’t concerned about it. I was pretty active and it didn’t stop me from doing anything. But since then I have lost 24kgs and I find everything is much easier to do. I sleep better and I have way more energy. I noticed that I didn’t get tired when I went bike riding and water skiing.  Read more...

Celeste 40kg Lighter


I was 113 kg and I wanted to lose weight. I tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and Body Trim diets but I was unable to stick to any of them. They all worked to some degree but the thought of having to restrict myself like that for the rest of my life was just too much. I was looking for something that I could stick to. To make matters worse due to Plantar Fasciitis I couldn’t put much weight on my right foot which made it difficult to exercise.
I managed to get my weight down on my own but I plateaued at 92 kg.  Read more...

Daisy lost 27 Kg


When I decided to lose weight I was 131 kg. I tried a popular diet and managed to lose 10 kg but then my weight plateaued. I felt I needed support. People would say “go to the gym” but I was too shy. My friend Missy had good weight loss results at Body Buzz so I arranged to see Read more...

Kyra lost 15kg in 15 weeks!

kyraKyra lost an average of 1kg per week for 15 weeks at Body Buzz

I actually joined Body Buzz in 2010 and then again in 2011 but life got in the way both times and I had to quit before I had a chance to see any results. I continued to put on weight each year and I was 7 kg heavier by the time I joined again in 2012.  Read more...

Lose the Mummy Tummy

bjBJ was happy to lose her “mummy tummy” at Body Buzz

I knew of someone who had lost a lot of weight at Body Buzz so I thought I would give it a go to see if I could lose the body fat around my waist. I call it my "mummy tummy." Marty gave me a free go on a Vibration Training machine and explained what I needed to do to get a slim waist. He also took 2 waist measurements. Read more...

Solo Mum Wins Weight Loss Inspiration Award

eveSolo mum Evelyn Tamaki won the Body Buzz inspiration award when she lost 17 kg and raised money for her son to represent NZ.

Her prize was a shopping spree at Shanton and a makeover courtesy of Lee Smith - professional makeup artist. Before meeting Marty I didn’t know much about weight loss. I thought by eating less and exercising more I’d eventually get down to a nice weight so I joined a gym and ate less food. Read more...

Insomniac Gets Weight Loss and Sound Sleep

Julie Agnew 0041Julie got far more than she had expected when she took up Vibration Training at Body Buzz

I wanted to get back in shape but I just had no energy. I used to crash in the afternoon, have constant headaches and take drugs for a stomach disorder. For 2 years I’ve been an insomniac. I felt so blah that I just couldn’t motivate myself to go to a gym Read more...

Lisa Lost “Baby Tummy” at Body Buzz
Lisa Murray 0041My “baby tummy” didn’t go away like it did after my first child was born

People would ask me if I was pregnant or ask “when are you due?” It was embarrassing for me and everyone else when I told them that I wasn’t pregnant. My friend who had just had a baby lost 10kg at Body Buzz so I booked an appointment with Marty to find out more. I was sceptical because I didn’t think that 12 minutes a few times a week could do anything. After the free consultation I decided to give it a 3 month trial to see if it would work for me too. I lost 4.26kg of body fat in the first 14 days. 

Ideal For Mums

Jenny Yandley 0071Jenny gets back into pre-baby shape at Body Buzz

I’m not usually one to share my personal experiences, but in this case I felt I should make an exception. I believe there are other mums out there who could benefit. Two other mums told me about Body Buzz. They said it was short and easy and it worked so I decided to take advantage of the free trial workout. Before we started a family I was one of the local veterinarians here in Te Awamutu. Read more...

Sceptic Loses 13kg of Body Fat

Kirsty Woolfrey1Kirsty was sceptical but her colleague continued to get slimmer and slimmer

I’m a business owner with two young children. I felt as though I needed to lose some weight but didn’t think I could find the time. I had heard about Body Buzz but I was sceptical. A colleague of mine was doing her Body Buzz sessions in the morning before she started work and I noticed that she was getting slimmer and slimmer. Read more...

Model Gemma Lee Farrell Keeps in Shape at Body Buzz

Gemma Farrell 0041
Model, TV presenter and voted #49 of the "Hottest 100 women around the world 2010"by Zoo Weekly Magazine, local girl Gemma Farrell trains at Body Buzz

"When I did the "Girl Racer" TV series I felt a bit chunky compared to the other girls. I was getting overweight and I needed to get some exercise but I was having trouble getting motivated. I was also very busy organising my career. It was my dad that suggested I go see Marty at Body Buzz.

4 Girls, 14 days and 21.4kg Body Fat Lost

4 week fat loss 0031
Cara O’Conner
Due to new discoveries about exercise and nutrition Marty decided to get a group together and test the theories. I was asked to be part of the fat loss trial. The diet had no restriction on how much you ate. You could eat until you were full. No set meal times. You ate when you got hungry. I had to find out more to see what the catch was. An email was sent out and a meeting was held for all those interested. Read more...

Lost 28 Kg in 21 weeks

Chris Wright Photo one-280Chris Wright Photo two-187I needed to lose weight for my health. I tried dieting through the hospital but I didn’t agree with some of the stuff they were telling me which didn’t seem to make sense. I tried Weight Watchers. I thought about Jenny Craig but I looked at the price and decided that wasn’t for me either. I went online for someone who could help me and came across Body Buzz. I went to the website to check it out. I read about it, watched a few testimonials and I thought it sounded a bit too good to be true.
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Bone Density Increased 19% in 21 weeks

Carol Lodge Photo-937After a hip operation and change of occupation I had gained weight. I was looking for a way of exercising that would help with my circulation and bone density but not be a gym because I hate gyms. My husband had used Body Buzz to lose weight in the past and has kept the weight off so I knew that it worked.

Lost 33 kg in 35 weeks

Robyn McLachlan Photo 1-258-418Robyn McLachlan After Photo-292-257   "I found out about Body Buzz by accident. One day I 
    happened to be walking past the Body Buzz Studio in           Te Awamutu. I was interested in losing weight, so I
    took a leaflet to read more about it. Then I had a Free
    Consultation at the Hamilton studio. Marty took me
    through the beginner program. It took 12 minutes
    and felt really invigorated.

Lost 40 kg - 10 kg to go

Shona Lanyon-201123“When I decided to lose weight, I was close to 130 kg which is quite a lot when you consider I’m only 5 feet tall. I had lost 20 kg by myself, but I had hit a plateau. Also, it was hard to exercise because the gout made my joints hurt. One-day Mum brought home a copy of the Seasons Magazine and in it I saw an advertisement for weight loss at the new Vibration Training Studio called Body Buzz. I booked a free consultation. The vibration machines felt good on my joints, so I joined. I learned a lot about how to lose weight and get healthy at Body Buzz.